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set up an eSIM on Android

How to set up an eSIM on Android

First of all, you must check the following items to guarantee that you are able to successfully install and set up your eSIM on Android:

  • You have a stable connection, preferably WiFi. (You need to download the eSIM properly to your device and a stable internet connection is a must.)

There are 2 ways to add an e-SIM to your device:

  1. By scanning the QR Code from the “QR code” tab
  2. By adding the installation details manually from the “Manual” tab

Before continuing, ask your network carrier for a QR code; this will be scanned during the process:

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select ‘Network & Internet
  3. Tap ‘SIMs’, and then ‘Download e-SIM
  4. Select ‘Next’ and scan the QR code you got from your network carrier
  5. Tap ‘Activate


  1. Login to your Airalo account.
  2. Go to My e-SIMs.
  3. Look for the e-SIM you want to install.
  4. Tap the Details button.
  5. Tap Install e-SIM/Access Data
  6. Select which type of installation
    • Tap the QR Code or Manual Installation. Please print the code or use a different device to display the QR code. 


Option 1: By scanning the QR code

  1. Choose the “QR Code” tab at the top

(You may select the share QR button for sharing it with another device).

 Tap Next when asked, “Don’t have a SIM card?”

  1. Scan your QR code and add the confirmation code if prompted
  2. Go back to your “Install e-SIM/Access Data” screen.
  3. Turn on e-SIM under Mobile Network
  4. Enable Mobile Data
  5. Enable Data Roaming (Please turn off your primary line to avoid roaming charges from your carrier provider when overseas)
  6. Go to Network & Internet and tap on the Mobile network to set the correct network preferences listed in the Additional Info which is at the bottom-right of the selected data package page.

Option 2: By adding the details manually

If you are experiencing issues scanning the QR code or are unable to scan the QR code, you can enter eSIM details manually. Please follow these steps:

To add and set up your e-SIM via the manual method, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the “Manual” tab at the top
  2. Copy the “SM-DP+Address & Activation Code” (manual installation information)
  3. Tap the Add or + icon next to Mobile Network
  4. Tap Next when asked, “Don’t have a SIM card?”
  5. Tap Enter Code Manually. You will be asked to enter your SM-DP+Adress as shared on your e-SIM installation page.
  6. Turn on your e-SIM under Mobile Network
  7. Enable Mobile data
  8. Enable Data Roaming (Please turn off your primary line to avoid roaming charges from your carrier provider when overseas)
  9. Set up an APN(access point name) on your device if required.

Important Tip

Once the e-SIM has been installed either via QR code or Manual method, you can easily complete the steps for accessing data through the shortcuts to your device’s screens by tapping the “SETTINGS” buttons from your “Access data steps”.

Which phones support e-SIM?

Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Google Pixel 8 Pro, Xiaomi 13T and Motorola Razr 40 Ultra are also compatible with e-SIMs.


In the above article you have learnt how to activate the eSIM in any android phone.

We have discussed all  the activation methods you should also buy the e-SIM the most recommended site is If you are still facing any query then you can contact us.


Q1. Can I use e-SIM on airplane mode

If you are flying then go for the toggle airplane mode .keep in mind that after applying the airplane mode you will not be able to use the data 

Q.2 Can I use e-SIM on a locked phone?

If your phone is locked then it can only be used by the carrier.. You can add multiple e-SIMs and plans through that carrier. To check if your iPhone is unlocked, go to Settings > General > About.

Q.3 Can I activate e-SIM without Wi-Fi?

The basic need for the activation of e-SIM is the good connection of Wi-Fi or cellular data .

Follow our step by step instructions to install and activate a Ubigi e-SIM on your device. choose to continue without Wi-Fi. This allows you to setup your new e-SIM without Wi-Fi —at no cost to you.

Q.4 Does e-SIM expire?

No your e-SIM never expire itself 

Q.5 How many times e-SIM can be activated

You can install eight or more e-SIM on an iPhone and two phone numbers at a time

Q.6 Why did my e-SIM fail to activate ?

The major reason why your eSIM on Android is fail to activate is you don’t have a stable internet connection to download and install your sim.

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