eSIM vs physical SIM: How do they compare

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eSIM vs physical SIM_ How do they compare

A SIM –  traditionally a small plastic card that slots into your mobile phone – is an acronym for ‘subscriber identity module’

It holds information, such as your mobile phone. It allows you to make and receive calls and texts, and use data on your phone.

 SIMS can also store contact and phone numbers which makes switching phones easy. You can take your sim from your old phone and slot it into a new one. 

What is physical SIM: 

The physical sim that you insert into your phones to connect to mobile networks. SIM cards come in different sizes, with the nano SIM being the industry standard today.

They were invented by Giesecke and Devrient, a German smart card manufacturer in 1991. With limited storage capacity, SIM cards easily transfer contact between devices.

What is an eSIM card: 

 Today, embedded SIM cards replace physical SIM cards for connecting to cellular networks. The eSIM is significantly smaller in size than its physical counterpart.

An ESIM is a SIM card that is embedded into a device rather than inserted and removed.

But, the eSIM can still be rewritten, so you can change carriers or phone numbers when needed. It is easier to set up or switch phone numbers and carriers with an ESIM than with a physical SIM card. You no longer need to wait for a physical SIM card to be delivered or deal with the hassle of using the SIM ejector tools. Instead, the process can be done easily over the phone or through an app. 

The main difference between eSIM and physical SIM: 

Here are some key differences : 


  • Embedded into the device’s motherboard.
  • It does not need physical swapping.
  • Can be programmed or changed remotely. 
  • Can store many profiles.
  • Takes up less physical space in the devices.

Physical SIM:

  • Requires physical swapping of the card
  • It cannot be programmed or changed
  • Can only store profile at a  time 
  • It can be used in a wide range of devices 
  •  Can be replaced or if lost or damaged

 The similarities between physical SIM and eSIM:

  • both connect your devices to your mobile
  •  provider’s network.
  •  Both can be used on many different devices, not just phones. 
  •  Both identify your devices and the type of plans used. 
  •  Both can be used simultaneously in dual sim devices.
  •  Both are technical ‘SIMS’.
  •  SIM is the physical chip that is installed or removed in your devices. with your carrier plans.
  •  eSIM is built into your devices and downloads your carrier plans directly.

Physical SIM vs eSIM? which is better:

Mobile phone services are often difficult to find overseas for travelers. Additionally, even if they do locate one, they may only need the services for a limited time such as a month. Some providers do not offer reliable connections for phones using eSIMs. Their prepaid plans may not match travel data requirements. Thus, travelers must determine whether an eSIM and a physical SIM are better options for specific travel needs.

Comparison of Physical and physical sim


In conclusion, while both traditional SIM cards and eSIMs provide essential connectivity, they each offer unique advantages. eSIMs, embedded directly into devices, provide remote programming, dual SIM capabilities, and seamless setup. They also enable you to enjoy various options such as eSIM deals, travel eSIMs for global connectivity, and SIM bundles. Conversely, traditional SIM cards are more widely available and compatible with a broader range of devices, making them a solid choice for those who prefer physical SIMs. Ultimately, whether you choose the versatility of traditional SIMs or the convenience of eSIM technology, both options ensure reliable connectivity and enhance your overall mobile experience. For more information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.


1- Is physical SIM better than eSIM?

On the surface, eSIM and physical sims are identical. The main difference is that you can remove a physical sim. At the same time, eSIMs are reprogrammable chips embedded  into the devices 

Motherboard, so no physical swapping is required when you want to change carriers or plans.   

2-Can eSIM make calls? 

      Yes, you can make a phone call with an eSIM. Yet, it will depend on the type of eSIM plan you purchased. International numbers are available with eSIM plans that include call and text services.

3- Can I convert eSIM to physical SIM? 

     Once you present your proof of identification, the representation to start the process. The representation will deactivate your eSIM permanently from your phone. Post that, they will provide a new physical SIM card. This physical SIM card will be configured with the same number as the eSIM. 

4- How to activate eSIM : ?

Activate e-SIM: 

     Android: setting >connections> SIM card manager > Add mobile plan> Add using QR code.

    Google pixels: Setting > network&internet > mobile network > Add carrier > scan QR code. 




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