What is a virtual SIM card? How does it work?

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What is a virtual SIM card_ How does it work

SIM cards have changed significantly over time. Virtual SIM cards, or e-SIM cards, will soon replace conventional SIM cards as the industry standard. In other words, these cards are going to rule the future.

We will go over all there is to know about virtual SIM cards in this article

What is a virtual SIM card:

An e-SIM, or virtual SIM card, is a mobile number stored on the cloud. It is a substitute for a physical SIM card to make and receive calls.

It is an embedded SIM card, to put it simply. It serves as a substitute for the actual SIM card that now links mobile devices to a mobile network.

What is eSIM and How is it work?

The operation of a virtual SIM card is identical to that of a conventional SIM card. However, using it wouldn’t require an actual card. This is merely because the card comes pre-installed on the gadget to activate it, just follow these instructions:

Step 1: On your device, download the e-SIM:

Obtain a phone number by enrolling in an internet service. It might only be momentary!

Step 2: Make sure the gadget can support the card:

Some network carriers offer an official e-SIM card. Thus, purchase a virtual SIM card from them online and verify whether your phone is compatible with it. In that case, all you need to do is either download or scan the QR code.

Benefits of a virtual SIM card:

By eliminating the need to insert or swap out a physical SIM card, a virtual SIM card offers a seamless device setup experience. Is there anything more that someone could ask for?

It is safe to claim that everyone benefits from it for the several reasons listed below:

Switching networks is simple:

Yes, switching networks is significantly easier with an e-SIM. You only need to give a call to transfer to a different network operator in your area, saving yourself the trouble of placing an order for a new card and waiting for it to come. In this manner, you can avoid searching for the network operator’s closest store.

More than one SIM card is possible:

A dual SIM card and an eSIM card function precisely alike. You are able to use many mobile numbers simultaneously.

If you don’t want to always carry two cell phones with different numbers, this can be helpful. To always be able to receive calls and texts on both numbers, purchase a virtual sim number.

Unbelievably, one eSIM may hold up to five virtual SIM cards simultaneously. This makes it easier for you to move between different networks whenever you’re in a place where the signal is weak.

It also simplifies switching to a local network while traveling so that you don’t have to bring a SIM card. This lowers your chance of losing or having your SIM card stolen, whether domestically or traveling.

How Can a Virtual SIM Card Be Set Up:

Usually, it depends on your device and whether you bought a cellular plan with it or acquired one on your own. As a result, the procedure differs.

In the sections that follow, we’ll walk you through setting up your virtual SIM card according to your device and plan.


If you own an Apple phone, take the following actions:

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Choose “Mobile/Cellular Data.”
  • Click “Insert Cellular Plan.”
  • When the prompt appears, scan the QR code.


  • Check out these procedures to configure your Android handset using an eSIM card:
  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Decide on “Network & Internet.”
  • Select the “Add” option.
  • Observe the guidelines displayed on your computer.
  • Select “Use 2 Numbers” when prompted to do so.


When you buy a Pixel through Google Fi, your account will be automatically linked to your e-SIM card information.

Watch Apple:

Preconfigured e-SIMs are typically included with these devices when purchased with a plan. If not, you can add the information using the Apple Watch app.

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

Here, it’s crucial to finish the setup using a smartphone app.


In this article, you’ve explored the world of virtual SIM cards and how they’re transforming mobile connectivity. UkTell offers SIM bundles and a range of eSIM deals to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in travel eSIM options or enhancing your mobile experience, UkTell has you covered.

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1- How many Sims can you play virtually?

The quantity of eSIMs you can install and use simultaneously differs depending on whether you own an Android handset made by Samsung, Google, Huawei, or another company. Five to seven eSIMs are typically supported, with only one active.

2- Are SIM cards that are virtual secure?

Since an eSIM cannot be removed if your iPhone is lost or stolen, it is more secure than a real SIM. You can do rid of physical SIM cards—which can get lost—and stop waiting for them to come in the mail when you use eSIM. On compatible iPhone models, you can simultaneously use two e-SIMs.

3- Why virtual sims are used?

One e-SIM can hold up to five virtual SIM cards at once. This implies that if you find yourself in a location where your regular network signal is weak, you can rapidly move between various networks. Additionally, it eliminates the hassle of physically inserting a local SIM while switching to a local network while travelling.

4- Is virtual modelling superior?

eSIMs, in contrast to conventional SIM cards, are built right into your gadget. They considerably increase durability and convenience, do away with the necessity for physical swapping, and enable the storing of many accounts. e-SIMs are particularly useful for gadgets with constrained physical space and tourists who frequently go abroad.


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